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Unlock your STX with stSTX, the most integrated liquid stacking token in the Stacks ecosystem

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stSTX is the liquid staking token on Stacks. It accrues Stacking rewards in STX when held. Conversion rate: 1 stSTX = 0 STX
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Stacking Made Easy


Stack STX

Select an amount of STX to stack using StackingDAO's Liquid Stacking Protocol.


Receive rewards

Receive liquid stSTX in return, which automatically increases in value with STX stacking rewards.


Participate in DeFi

You’re now free to use your liquid stSTX in Defi or swap back to STX at any time.

Hear it from the Stacks community

What people say about StackingDAO

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.@StackingDao is approaching 100m TVL and is now the largest DeFi app on @Stacks across any Bitcoin L2, even larger than @ALEXLabBTC!

With Nakamoto upgrade close by, we will gonna see crazier numbers.

@Newmancapitalvc has been a supporter from day 1 - DeFi on Bitcoin powered by layer 2 is inevitable.


It looks like @StackingDao crossed $20M in TVL fairly quickly after launch.

STX has a native BTC yield from consensus making it a unique asset. The pull of earning BTC means a large amount of STX gets locked. Now it can be liquid with liquid staking.

I used it and loved the UX.

Hermetica 🟧 | Bitcoin DeFi

It's pretty incredible seeing the @StackingDao

TVL increase week by week.
🔥 $20M TVL last week → $35M+ TVL this week 🔥

There isn't any guess work needed with numbers like this - users and devs alike love liquid staking on Stacks.

Take a moment to congratulate their team:


StackingDAO just crossed $100M TVL, powering DeFi applications on Zest, Arkadiko, Bitflow and more.

They are set to become one of the largest validators on Stacks offering optimized yield performance for STX holders.


Ignas | DeFi Research

First liquid staking on Stacks. WHY it tingles my senses:

• BTCfi narrative with Stacks as BTC L2

• Liquid staking airdrop à la $JITO

• 100 STX+ on StackingDAO during the 1st cycle will qualify for the Genesis NFT drop

• Points coming


Stacks TVL about to double, crazy it took this long guys!

Philip is one of the top builders in the ecosystem so this is sure to be solid

Stacks Foundation

The Stacks ecosystem TVL has been surging in the last few months

The launch of @StackingDao and @Bitflow_Finance are the latest contributors to this growth

With many other DeFi protocols to go live soon, the ecosystem is poised to thrive

GM Chung

See! $stSTX is working well on Stacks⚡️⚡️ @StackingDao can help you in staking your $STX super easily! Let's leverage it to boost our on-chain ex 🟧


Liquid stacking is critical infrastructure for Bitcoin DeFi.

It lowers the opportunity cost of securing the @Stacks network through stacking, and it bootstraps ecosystem liquidity.

1. Liquid stacking providers like @StackingDao add more signers to the open network of validators while giving more people the opportunity to stack STX (without having to run a signer node).

2. By providing liquidity to Stackers, liquid stacking helps users bootstrap other ecosystem players with liquidity (ex: decentralized exchanges like @Bitflow_Finance)

Jonathan Sadlowe

Fundamental building block of Bitcoin DeFi

stSTX is the most integrated token on Stacks

Coming soon!